May 15

2010 Iowa HS State Track Meet

Emily - 2008 We’re waiting on pins and needles for the cut-off times to be posted for the 2010 Iowa HS State Track Meet. Our daughter has a chance of qualifying in 2 events this year (200 Meter Dash and 400 Meter Dash). She ran her best times of the year at the district track meet and now we’re waiting for the state to post the results. For some unknown reason, they have the results for every other class posted, but not 2A! The results were originally going to be posted at 6pm today, now they’ve moved it to 7pm. As of this writing at 8pm, they 2A results are still not posted. According to the website, “There is a timing discrepancy in Class 2A. We are trying to get make sure the times are correct before we post anything. We appreciate your patience.”

Emily ran a 26.5 in the 200 Meter Dash and a 1:02.16 in the 400 Meter Dash. We ‘think’ those will be good enough to qualify. Those times would be good enough to qualify in each of the other three classes (4A, 3A, 1A).

More later!

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